Our Services

Excel Edu takes a lot of care while we represent our clients so that their applications and Cases fulfill all legal requirements and results in speedy approval. We deliver professional services at affordable costs. We do a free evaluation of every case and give an honest answer concerning our client’s chances of succeeding in their application. With a number of professional Advisers and Consultants working in the Organization and Having Professionally managed divisions depending on the Clients needs and Requirements every client receives one-window solution that meets all and any of their resettlement and Educational needs.

Our services include:

  • Career Counselling
  • Awareness Seminars
  • Acceptance by selected institutions
  • Guidance for pre-visa applications
  • Assessment of Academic credentials and advice.
  • Provide full information, formats, and documentation requirements for student visa.
  • Certification of credentials and forwarding them to respective institutions.
  • Provide accurate and authentic advice on the outcome of the course, including information on settlement/ work permit opportunities available to students.
  • Lodging of Visa applications
  • Travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure guidelines
  • Guidance with foreign exchange and remittance of fees to the Institution
  • Arrangement of airport pick-up and temporary accommodation in co-ordination with the destination institution.
  • Assistance in organizing your Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • Collection and transfer of all payment to the overseas institution.
  • Assist with medical examination and submission of passport for issue of visa.
  • Keep our Students Updated with the latest education courses and trends.